Quality Assurance

we examine and manage manufacturers and suppliers to make sure they provide safe and secure products, which we then deliver to customers nationally and Internationally

We follow a well-developed quality management system and thus leave no room for errors at any stage. Moreover, our team of quality auditors holds expertise in handling the entire distributions system in a systematic manner. The company has a well-equipped lab for the testing of all quality parameters of products and thus we ensure that the quality of our products is up to the industry standards.

Herkkumaa OY  is conscious of the need to fulfill its obligations under any contract with clients to produce the desired outcome in a cost-effective, planned, systematic solution-oriented, and legal manner and to consider risks and opportunities, determine, assess, and achieve quality and economy in the execution of the company’s duties.

This policy intends to benefit both customers and Herkkumaa OY  through increasing client satisfaction leading to growth in existing markets and investment in new market areas. Of vital importance is our commitment to supply innovative quality products and services, which comply with the contractual, statutory, and regulatory requirements and deliver a professional proactive, timely pre and post-order service to our clients.

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